Processing Facilities


The Maumere plant in Indonesia has a world class set of facilities and equipment to process and produce high quality tuna products.

Fully equipped with state-of-art proton freezing machines, this equipment allow the process of freezing the fishes without compromising on the taste and quality of freshness.

A proton freezer is a machine that freezes by the approach of quantum-mechanical and electromagnetism. Proton freezing is much faster than a conventional freezing and the ice crystals generated during the freezing process is much smaller. This prevents the destruction of food cells by reducing the amount of drip during thawing. In the case of tuna, freezing by conventional freezer will typically have a drip of percentage of 7% while freezing by proton freezer will have a drip of 2%.

With the vision of increasing the cold storage capacity, Yamako Pacific is installing dedicated cold rooms in line with the range of ready-to-consume products. The cold rooms are equipped with new refrigeration plants and insulation panels to ensure more-than-adequate storage temperature to ensure the quality and freshness of the processed products are not compromised. Typically these cold rooms run at -45°C

Proton Freezer

Freeze the fishes without compromising on the taste and quality of freshness

Cold Rooms

Equipped with new refrigeration plant and insulation panels, to ensure the quality and freshnes


The catches are chilled to maintain its freshness and quality before processing / upon receiving


In the Katsuobushi process, Skipjacks are boiled before removal of bones

Smoking and Ageing

The smoking and ageing facility is one of the processes of Katsuobushi

Ice Making

The making of ice, as a preparation for the catches, to chill the tuna fishes