Corporate Background

コーポレート バックグラウンド

Incorporated since 2012, Yamako Pacific Pte Ltd (formerly known as PTKMC Holdings Pte Ltd) is a holding company primarily involved in the fisheries industry. Founding shareholders have more than 30 years of experience in the business.

Yamako Pacific’s first wholly owned Indonesian subsidiary, PT Karyacipta Buanasentosa (PT KCBS) is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable pole and line fishing operation located in Maumere Flores, Indonesia. PT KCBS was incorporated more than 10 years ago. Its principal activities had always been in the tuna catching and processing.

The Maumere plant has recently been refitted, with installed state-of-the-art facilities. While the upstream activities of fishing, landing of catches, freezing of catches are retained, value added processes have been added. These downstream activities produce ready-to-consume products for the international markets, Japan predominantly.

Located on a 2.5 hectare freehold property, the Maumere facility is fully equipped to handle tasks such as sorting, brining, freezing, processing, packing, and ice-making. Its modernized laboratory is equipped to ensure compliance to international health HACCP standards. Management applies a kaizen approach to all steps of production.

Yamako Pacific is solidly backed by a strategic Japanese partner with years’ of experience in procurement, processing and supply of tuna to retail buyers. Yamako Takeda Shoten Co. Ltd (YTS), a two-generation family business based in Shiogama City, Japan has more than 45 years of experience in the Japanese fish market. They assisted in outfitting a world class facility in Maumere, transferring their latest freezing technology, skills and processes to ensure a world class quality fresh range of tuna products for the Japanese and key export markets.

As part of their commitment to ensure business continuity, YTS will continuously second and place their Japanese personnel to manage the operations - from procurement of raw materials to finished products, compliant to the highest international food standards. They have also implemented a training program for the local Indonesian employees to raise their skills.

Holding up to the objective of sustainability, Yamako Pacific’s pole and line fishing method prove to be benefiting both the environment and the local fishermen by having more work opportunities, preventing overfishing and preserving the ocean system.

Team Yamako Pacific

The people behind Yamako Pacific


(Yamako Pacific Pte Ltd)
(Yamako Takeda Shouten Co Ltd)

Since graduating from Miyagi Prefectural Shiogama High School in 1992, Mr Kenji Takeda begun his five years’ working career with Sendi Suisan Co Ltd as the key person overseeing the auction process of seafood for the company. He went back to working for his family business, Yamako Takeda Shouten, primarily responsible in the tuna transactions within Japan and also throughout Southeast Asia. Mr Takeda joined on board as a Director in Yamako Pacific PTE.


General Manager

With more than 15 years’ of experience in the fisheries industry, Mr. Masayuki Takaku is leading the helm for Yamako Pacific PTE as the General Manager since February 2015. After graduating from OITA BEPPU HAMURODAI HIGH SCHOOL, Mr. Takaku first started his beginning career with Hotel Okura Enterprise Corporation. He then moved to the trading industry, mainly in food products within the Southeast Asia region. In 2001, he was also responsible in starting raw tuna purchase transactions with Yamako Takeda Shouten from key areas ie. Bali, Phuket and Jakarta.


Manager of skipjack tuna products

As the manager overseeing the skipjack tuna products at Yamako Pacific’s Maumere facility in Indonesia, Mr Mitsuo Takai is under the current employment of Yamako Takeda Shouten (Yamako Pacific’s Japanese business partner). He brings forth his extensive and vast experience in this industry to the organisation. Mr Takai is the key person responsible in overseeing the sales of seafood products for Daiei Tsuushou and Maruki Co. Ltd.


Manager of yellow-fin tuna products

As the manager overseeing the yellow-fin tuna products at Yamako Pacific’s Maumere facility in Indonesia, Mr Kazuharu Watanabeh is under the current employment of Yamako Takeda Shouten (Yamako Pacific’s Japanese business partner). He brings forth his extensive and vast experience in this industry to the organisation. Mr Watanabeh is the key person responsible in overseeing ie:

  • the fish and bait operations for Kowa Trading Co. Ltd
  • the procurement of tuna products for Atlantis Co. Ltd


President Director
(Pt. Nagata Prima Tuna – Aceh)

Mr Almer Hafis Sandy built his earlier career in the design and architecture industry before moving on to excel in the fisheries industry. Apart from leading several companies specializing in seafood and fisheries industry, Mr Almer has been appointed as the President Director for PT Nagata Prima Tuna based in Aceh. This company is a subsidiary of the Yamako Pacific group and it specializes in the export and processing for yellow-fin tuna and seafood.


Since joining KCBS (Yamako Pacific’s Indonesia business partner) in 2014, Ms Kristina Imelda Geor brings to the organization her diversed working experiences in the leasing, telecommunications and banking industry. A graduate in Communication Studies from Merdeka University Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia , she is an integral team member in contributing to the rapid growth of Yamako Pacific’s business and expansion plans.


HR Manager

As a graduate from Kupang University, Indonesia, Mr Theodorus Ervianus Uji Hon has an extensive experience in the shipping and oil & gas industries. His career began with Singapore ASL Ship Construction and Repair Company based in Batam. He has also worked for PT Global Industries Asia Pacific, a Singapore oil and gas company as the Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator & Trainer. He is currently appointed as the Human Resources Manager for Yamako Pacific PTE.